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Diamond polishing pads are an essential tool for the stone refinishing professional. Citing only numbers, such as: 400, 800 grit, and so on, doesn’t mean much. What it really counts is the kind of finish (clarity) that one can get out of the different grits. What good is it brand “A” diamond pads that needs to be used up to, say, 3500 grit in order to get the type of clarity that brand “B” can deliver at a mere 800 grit? If you’re working on a 300 square feet floor it will take you an extra two hours of labor if you use the brand “A”! If you compute a crew of two at $70 an hour each, you’d be losing $280.00 every 300 square feet of floor, without counting the purchase cost of the extra two grits!!
Refinishing stone surfaces is not an issue involving one single factor/product (polishing powder), or the separate evaluation of the single factors/products involved. It is rather the evaluation of all the factors/products in strict connection to one another, to form a whole interacting “equation” between the machine (its weight, RPM and set-up), the diamond pads, the polishing powder, the polishing pads and the pace of the work.

Only an excellent combination will give you an excellent result!

The diamond pads and de-lippage (grinding) tools that we carry have been thoroughly evaluated and tested by our network of stone professionals. We've done the trial and error so you don't have to. That doesn’t mean, however, that they are the cheapest price-wise; it only means that they will allow you to do the job – when combined with the appropriate machine and with the aid of the right polishing powder and polishing pad – in the most efficient way, while delivering the best possible result. 

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3" Copper Transition Diamond 200 Grit DIA-DRY POLISHING PAD Flexible Diamond Polishing Pad (DICP) for granite
Copper Transition Diamonds are aggressive and will quickly transition the gap between metal bond and standard resin bond diamonds. These premium quality 3” pucks with high diamond concentration will remove metal bond scratches efficiently and can also be used as an economical alternative to finer metal bonds in some cases. Copper resin combination helps assure long life and heat resistance. Premium grade dry polishing pad for marble, granite, and engineered stone.
Ceramic Diamond Resin Discs are designed for both a quality shine and long life. These flexible, long lasting discs are idea for concave and convex shapes. Ceramic can be used on both hand held machines and stationary models.
DIFL - Diamond Phenolic Resin Pad for Granite Polishing ROS Shine Pads
Long lasting diamond pads for polishing granite, terrazzo and concrete floors. When you're looking for a granite polishing diamond resin pad to last, last, last... This is the choice for you.
Our stone polishing professionals buy these pads for their durability as well as the superior polish results they produce.
Manufactured with high segments for long life and uniquely designed waterways for swarf removal. The flat surface grinds and polishes, bringing the stone to a factory finish. Uniquely blended for flat and edge polishing on granite and engineered stone. These pads bring out the natural color of the stone preparing the stone for final polishing, leaving a more brilliant color to the stone.