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Alpha Variable Speed Wet Polisher VSP-320 Backer Pad - Dense Foam Spacer
The VSP-120 comes with variable speed control switch with an automatic speed feed-back system to maintain consistent RPMs with or without a load. This switch has also expanded the usable RPM range from 500 RPM to 2,800 RPM scorching the work piece. AlphaŽ has also added a Splash Guard that can be trimmed to adjust the height for the best comfort and protection. Every stone fabricator should try the VSP-120 variable speed wet polisher to achieve the best performance and high quality results. Dense Foam Backer Pad - 5/8 x 11 in thread - Used with hand grinder for different size flexible polishing pads or can be attached with bolts to drive pad for a floor machine. Why limit yourself to one manufacturer's diamonds?  Use every diamond provides with these riser pads.
Majestic Makita 7" Electronic Sander 9237CX3 Kit Metrix Steel Wool Floor Pads Velcro - 17" x 17" (male replacement Velcro for pad driver)
The Makita 9227CX3 circular polishers will give you the control needed to restore and keep your high-gloss finish. It will help you clean, polish, and protect your products. High performance needled or metrix style steel wool for cleaning, stripping or polishing stone surfaces. Replacement Velcro for pad driver. 17" x 17" square.
Velcro - 19" x 19" (male replacement Velcro for pad driver)
Replacement Velcro for pad driver. 19" x 19" square.