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ROS Typhoon Diamond Resin Disc 3 inch Triple Thick Diamond Resin Pads
Manufactured with high segments for long life and uniquely designed waterways for swarf removal. The flat surface grinds and polishes, bringing the stone to a factory finish. Typhoon Diamond Resin Discs are specially designed for long life and high gloss finish. Newly designed pattern will give a high gloss finish, remove swarf and allow polishing in those difficult angles in corners and walls.
Heavy duty high performance pads have superior gripping capabilities when grinding and polishing marble and terrazzo floors and surfaces.
Turbo Polishing Pads Flexible Diamond Polishing Pad (DICP) for granite DIFL - Diamond Phenolic Resin Pad for Granite Polishing
Multi-use flexible resin bonded diamond pads for refinishing marble and granite floors, edges, and surfaces.
Ceramic Diamond Resin Discs are designed for both a quality shine and long life. These flexible, long lasting discs are idea for concave and convex shapes. Ceramic can be used on both hand held machines and stationary models.
Long lasting diamond pads for polishing granite, terrazzo and concrete floors. When you're looking for a granite polishing diamond resin pad to last, last, last... This is the choice for you.
Our stone polishing professionals buy these pads for their durability as well as the superior polish results they produce.
Concrete Diamond Resin Pad (HC3) <!021>Magnum 4" in Concrete Grinding Pad 220 Grit 4" Marble Lippage Removal disc
Hard phenolic bond resin pad for long lasting wear and superior grinding of concrete
Our most aggressive pad for quick stock removal. A super long lasting cintered metal bond for polishing concrete and terazzo floors. Unique bond and beveled segments are ideal for tile lippage removal. Velcro backed quick load and release.
6 inch Diamond Impregnated Pad 400 Grit 6 inch Diamond Impregnated Pad 220 Grit 6 inch Diamond Impregnated Pad 1800 Grit
6 inch Diamond Impregnated Pad 400 Grit for heavy-duty cleaning and light honing. Effectively removes hard-to-clean stains, as well as removing old waxes or polishes. This pad will also help prepare the surface for reapplication of wax or polish, or the next diamond pad step.
6 inch Diamond Impregnated Pad 220 Grit Great for honing natural stone floors, removing heavier scratches and etches. Can be used in combination with honing powders. Will help stripper remove old floor finish quickly and effectively.
6 inch Diamond Impregnated Pad 1800 Grit While this pad is not usually necessary in everyday maintenance routines, it is very effective for spot cleaning rough areas that may have etching or mineral deposits to remove. The 1800 pad will leave a polished finish when used dry, and a matte finish when used wet. Great as a prep step before 5X or Marble Polishing Compound.