At Stonecare Central we are committed to being a tremendous resource for you by providing credible information, quality products and professional service providers in addition to extraordinary customer service. We may be primarily an on-line store, but behind it all are very real people that are eager to help you.

We will continually update our Solutions Center with answers and resources for you, but our customer service and stone professionals are available to answer any questions that may come up.

WHY WE RECOMMEND AND SELL THE PRODUCTS WE DO (and what sets us apart from anyone else).

Every product included in our store is there because collectively our group of PROs have tested the products in the field and have determined that they are the best products available to meet the needs of not only our customers, but also for themselves as they service customers. The truth is there are many products available that are intended for caring for natural stone. Some are great, others, well, not so good. We, being as passionate as we are about stone care, have dedicated ourselves to providing our customers with the credible information they need and the products and tools that we have come to regard as superlative.

We recommend and sell products made by various companies. We continue to always be on the lookout for quality products and when we do, after it passes our own rigourous testing, we’ll add it to our inventory. If you would like to be notified of any new products, be sure to add your name to our newsletter.